Welcome to Greenboathouse Press

Greenboathouse Press is a small publishing concern producing short run, limited editions, printed letterpress and bound by hand. As in our previous incarnation (Greenboathouse Books), our mandate is to publish work that is compelling both in its content and its form, and our attention to typography, design and fine-printing is an extension of that interest in form. Each book begins with an idea, sparked by a manuscript, which takes shape as a challenge of production: How might we do this gathering of words justice? With such words, what sort of book might be built? It is this challenge that makes our efforts exciting, often excruciating, and always rewarding.

Recent News...

Kinship & Light by Samantha Sternberg.

Kinship & Light has just brought in an Alcuin Award for Excellence in Book Design in Canada, taking first place in the Limited Editions category.

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Now available...

49 Days by Australian poet Alan Loney.

Alan Loney's 49 Days is back from the binder and now shipping. Click the View button below for more details. You can also follow us on Instagram to check out the book's production along with a variety of other pictures from around the shop: @greenboathousepress

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Lead, Tin & Antimony brought in our 12th Alcuin Award for Excellence in Book Design in Canada.

Have a look at Mark Askam's kind comments on Lead, Tin & Antimony at his Chestnut Press site.

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On hiatus, but certainly not idle...

We're stilllllll in limbo while the new house & print shop are built, but there are a handful of new projects planned for the next couple of years. Keep an eye on our Instagram page for sporadic details.

Standing amidst the forms for the new shop's foundation.

Previous Titles

Variations on First Principles of Typography

Jan van Krimpen, translated by John Friedrichs with a Preface by Jason Dewinetz

Kobayashi, the Will

Poems by Jake Kennedy

Excerpts from Friends & Family

Poems by Jason Dewinetz

Tin Roof

A long poem by Michael Ondaatje

Géricault's Severed Limbs Paintings

A long poem by Jason Dewinetz