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Harry Duncan Portfolio & Exhibit

Soon to be released by Gibraltar Editions, Greenboathouse Press was invited to produce a broadsheet in honour of the late Harry Duncan, to be included in a fund-raising portfolio and also to be displayed at an exhibit of Duncan's work (and work by Duncan's many students and admirers) at the Uno Art Gallery in Omaha, NE.


From the Gibraltar Editions call for submissions:

"For nearly sixty years, Harry Duncan printed and published contemporary poetry. His work as editor and typographer set an example for printers and enriched our reading of poetry. To mark the centenary of Harry’s birth, Gibraltar Editions will edit and issue a collection of contemporary poems printed by various printers who have been influenced either directly or indirectly by Duncan’s work."


I can’t think of anything else that holds a candle to the recurrent fascination of trying to find suitable graphic forms for poetry, whose multifarious development deserves to be read in the light of our great typographical tradition.... [T]he manuscripts continue to arrive in the mail, surprisingly many of them of compelling interest. I still am hooked on the only way I know to produce books, by hand in a composing stick and on a Vandercook or Ostrander Seymour press.

– 1989, Harry Duncan

While discussing the project and its theme of time ("Time Flies / Time Stands Still") with Denise Brady, who has headed up the project, I mentioned a series of poems that Robert Bringhurst and Jan Zwicky have been working on, and after contacting Robert he was happy to contribute one of these pieces for the project.

The poem was hand-set in Jim Rimmer's Stern typeface, and printed in 3 colours into a few different papers. A numbered edition of 50 was produced for the Duncan project, with another 50 printed for friends & subscribers of the press.




This past summer Greenboathouse Press was invited to participate in an international exhibit of handmade books at the Galerie Handwerk in Münich, Germany. The three books included were Ondaatje's Tin Roof, Morison's First Principles, and Feliciano's Alphabetum Romanum (in a unique special binding by Lang Ingalls).

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Gathering printers from around the globe, the exhibit focused on books printed from hand-set metal type and bound by hand. Contributors from North America & the UK included:

AndrewHoyem/Arion Press, USA

Susan Johanknecht/Gefn Press, GB

Peter Koch, USA

Russell Maret, USA

Graham Moss/Incline Press, GB

John & Rosalind Randle/Whittington Press, GB

Gaylord Schanilec/Midnight Paper Sales, USA

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