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Aaron Peck

of fields

flooded -

what names change

this flow?

on television even the most
pathetic characters have catchy names -

my grandfathers says,
                 as telegraph operators,
“men who only worked long enough

           for a good drunk were called
boomers &
           flagging meant

changing your name
                for that reason"



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Steep Nachos

We are torn open to the world
without sound

Each sensible word thinks of nothing

Today I had soda, chips & salsa, read a book

Between silences each moving vehicle

We state our cases, speak of thing's relations

You know, I've never been that fond of this café



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Aaron Peck is the author of the chapbook Crepuscule on Mission Street (Nomados, 2006). His novel, The Bewilderments of Bernard Willis, is forthcoming with Pedlar Press. He frequently writes about art; reviews and articles have recently appeared in Fillip, and Canadian Art, and with Adam Harrison he co-edits the online art magazine, Doppelganger. He lives in New York City where he is currently pursuing a PhD.


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