Subscribers to Greenboathouse Press agree to purchase one copy of each book produced, beginning with the current title(s) upon subscription; this arrangement not only guarantees the subscriber a copy, but allows us to better plan and budget each production. In addition to a substantial discount on each project, subscribers also receive prospectuses (book announcements) and occasional gratis ephemera (small pamphlets, type specimens, broadsheets, random experiments, etc.).

Projects will range from single broadsheets to typographical ephemera, to chapbooks, to larger projects including extended prose works and typographical studies.


Pricing / Schedule

In the past, the bulk of our subscriptions were from readers and libraries primarily interested in contemporary Canadian poetry. This subject is one Greenboathouse will continue to pursue (Jake Kennedy's latest book is a stunning example of what’s going on in Canadian writing these days), but another focus the press has taken on is the history of typography (for example, 2010's Alphabetum Romanum).


Subscription Options

  • Literary Only: Subscribers receive 10% off their initial order of the most recent Literary publication (currently Jake Kennedy's Kobayashi, but as that book has sold out, the most recent available poetry title is Friends & Family). All future Literary purchases will be discounted by 20%. After the initial purchase, all other titles, including all backlist and Typographic projects, are available at the 20% discount.

  • Typographic Only:Subscribers receive 10% off their initial order of the most recent Typographic publication (currently Jan van Krimpen's Variations on First Principles of Typography). All future Typographic purchases will be discounted by 20%. After the initial purchase, all other titles, including all backlist and Literary projects, are available at the 20% discount.

  • Bundle: Subscribers receive 15% off their initial order of the most recent Literary & Typographic publications (see above). All future purchases will be discounted by 25%. After the initial purchase, all other titles are available at the 25% discount.

  • Institutional Subscriptions will also have these three options available to them, and will receive ephemera as well; however, there is no discount to institutional purchases.

But what if a literary subscriber is drawn to a given year’s typographic release, or the other way around? One-off orders from one side to the other will still receive the 20% discount, with no requirement to continue buying from the non-subscription side of the fence. However, in order to maintain that 20/25% discount, subscribers must continue to purchase all releases in their chosen category.


Signing Up

To sign up for one of these options or with any questions about subscriptions, please . Once we're in contact, I can provide you with all of the pertinent information on your subscription choice and current releases, as well as arranging to send out your first subscriber's package with prospectuses and other bits of ephemera. The first subscription payment will be based on your subscription option and any additional backlisted titles you may want to add to your first order.

Once signed up, an email will be sent with a PayPal link specifically for your payment, which can be paid by debit, credit card, or PayPal cash. If you would prefer to pay by cheque, that can be easily arranged as well.


Edition Limitations

The standard edition is around 50 copies, comprising 40 sales copies and 10 for private distribution (author's copies, press copies, presentation & review copies), although variation in the editions may occur from time to time due to unforeseen circumstances (stacks of paper spontaneously combusting or being eaten by the press, etc.).



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The boathouse...

Books in Print:

Lead, Tin & AntimVariations on First Principles of Typography

Jason Dewinetz
2016-17 $500

Tin Roof

Friends & Family

Jason Dewinetz
2014   $100.

Géricault's Severed Limbs Paintings

Light & Char

Jake Kennedy
2010. $100.

Light & Char

Alphabetum Romanum: The Letterforms of Felice Feliciano

Jason Dewinetz &
Paul F. Gehl
2010. $300.

Alphabetum Romanum

This (And That Was That)

JonArno Lawson
2009. $50.

Against the Hard Angle