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At one point I'd planned to list a complete inventory of types held in the Greenboathouse Press shop, including scans of printed samples of each face, but, seriously, there are too many other things to do. So, instead what you'll find below is a growing specimen listing of types available for casting at the press, along with a simple listing of other type held in cases.

Display matrix fonts for casting...


(Ultra) Bodoni 675

Sizes: 12R, 14R, 18R, 24R, 30R (Lanston Flat Mats)
48R, 72R (Giant Mats)

Bodoni Bold 275

Sizes: 14R, 18R, 24R, 30R/I, 36R (Lanston Flat Mats)
48R/I, 60R/I, 72R/I (Giant Mats)

Caslon Old Style 337

Sizes: 14R/I, 22R/I, 24R/I, 24R/I/SC, 30R/I, 36R/I (Lanston Flat Mats)


Sizes: 18R (British Monotype Display Mats)

Century Bold 118

Sizes: 18R/I, 24R, 30R/I, 36R/I, 48R/I (Lanston Flat Mats)

Cloister Old Style 395

Sizes: 14R, 18R, 24R/I, 30R/I, 36R/I (Lanston Flat Mats)

Cochin Open

Sizes: 36R (Lanston Flat Mats)

Franklin Gothic

Sizes: ___ (Lanston Flat Mats)
42R, 48R, 60R, 72R (Giant Mats)

Garamond Bold 548

Sizes: 14R/I, 18R/I, 24R/I, 30R/I, 36R/I (Lanston Flat Mats)

Garamont 248

Sizes: 14R/i/SC, 18 R/I/SC, 24R/I, 30R/I, 36R/I (Lanston Flat Mats)

Goudy Bold

Sizes: 18I, 24I, 30I, 36I (Lanston Flat Mats)
48R/I, 60R/I, 72R/I (Giant Mats)

Goudy Handtoold

Sizes: 48R, 72R (Giant Mats)

Goudy Open

Sizes: 14R, 18R, 24R, 30R, 36R (Lanston Flat Mats)

Jefferson Gothic

Sizes: 60R, 72R (Giant Mats)

Kennerley Old Style 268

Sizes: 14SC, 18R/I, 48R-caps, 14/18/24/30/36 Swash Caps (Lanston Flat Mats)

Nicolas Cochin 461

Sizes: 14R, 18R, 24R (Lanston Flat Mats)


Sizes: 60R, 72R (Giant Mats)

Sans Serif Light 329

Sizes: 14R, 18R, 24R, 30R, 36R, 48R (Lanston Flat Mats)

Sans Serif Bold 330

Sizes: 14R, 18R, 24R, 30R, 36R, 48R (Lanston Flat Mats)

Sans Serif Extra Bold Condensed

Sizes: 16R, 18R, 30R, 36R, 48R (Lanston Flat Mats)


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Type in cases...



Sizes: 12R / 12I / 12SC / 14R / 14SC16R> (MT)

Bodoni Book

Sizes: 14R (MT)

Bookman OldStyle

Sizes: 14R (MT)

Centaur & Arrighi

Sizes: 12R / 14R / 14I / 14SC / 18R / 18I / 24C / 30C / 36R (MT)

Century Expanded

Sizes: 12I (ATF)

Cheltenham OldStyle

Sizes: 6R / 8R / 10R / 12R / 24R / 48R (ATF)

Clearface Bold

Sizes: 36R (ATF)

Cloister OldStyle

Sizes: 14R (ATF) / 14I (MT) / 18R (MT)/ 18I (MT) / 24R (ATF)

Della Robbia

Sizes: 14R / 24R / 36R (MT)

De Vinne

Sizes: 12R / 30R (incomplete) (MT)

Quill (Fellowship) (Jim Rimmer)

Sizes: 12R / 12I / 12SC / 14R / 14I (MT)


Sizes: 12R / 12I / 12SC / 14R / 14I (MT)

Hannibal Oldstyle (Jim Rimmer)

Sizes: 18R /Paired with 18pt Garamont Italic & Small Caps

Jenson OldStyle No.2

Sizes: 24R / 72R (ATF)

Juliana Oldstyle (Jim Rimmer)

Sizes: 18R

Kennerley (Goudy)

Sizes: 10I / 18I / 24I Caps (ATF)

Nephi Medaeval (Jim Rimmer)

Sizes: 18R


Sizes: 24I (ATF)


Sizes: 14R / 14I / 14SC (MT)


Sizes: 10R / 12R / 12I / 12SC / 14R / 14I / 14SC / 18R (MT)

Stern (Jim Rimmer)

Sizes: 16/18I


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Display Faces


Alternate Gothic

Sizes: 36 (ATF)

Antique Condensed No.2 [Skeleton]

Sizes: 48 (ATF)

Bernhard Gothic

Sizes: 10 (ATF)

Bernhard Cursive

Sizes: 12 (ATF)

Bernhard Fashion

Sizes: 12 (MT)

Bodoni Ultra

Sizes: 36 (ATF)

Caslon Antique Italic

Sizes: 18 / 24 / 36 (ATF)


Sizes: 24 / 30 / 36 / 72 (MT)

Cheltenham Bold Outline

Sizes: 18 / 36 (MT)


Sizes: 12 / 14 / 18 (MT)

Cochin Open

Sizes: 24 (MT)

Copperplate Gothic No. 76

Sizes: 12 (ATF)

Craw Clarendon

Sizes: 18 / 30 (MT)

Duensing Titling (Jim Rimmer)

Sizes: _______

Dietz Text

Sizes: 14 (ATF)

Europa Grotesque No.2

Sizes: 36 / 60 (ATF)


Sizes: 18 (MT)

Globe Gothic Condensed

Sizes: 18 (ATF)


Sizes: 48 (ATF)


Sizes: 14 (ATF)

(Swing Light) Kaufmann

Sizes: 24 / 36 / 48 (ATF)

News Gothic Condensed

Sizes: 18 / 36 (ATF)


Sizes: 18 / 24 / 36 / 72 (ATF)

Palace Script

Sizes: 12 / 18 / 24 (ATF)

Stymie (Light & Medium)

Sizes: 10 / 12 / 14 (ATF)

Twentieth Century (Medium)

Sizes: 18 / 24(caps) / 36(caps) (ATF)

Typo Script

Sizes: 14 / 18 / 24 (ATF)

Typo Upright

Sizes: 12 / 18 / 24 (ATF)

Wedding Text

Sizes: 14 (ATF)


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