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Bruce Rogers

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The Construction of Roman Letters

Dürer, Albrecht.

Cambridge: Dunster House, 1924. Designed by Bruce Rogers.

Of the Just Shaping of Letters.

Dürer, Albrecht.

New York: Grolier Club, 1917. Designed by Bruce Rogers.

Italian Old Style: A New Type Designed by Frederic Goudy.

Goudy, Frederic. Designed by Bruce Rogers.

Philadelphia: Lanston Monotype Corp., 1924.


The First Flowering: Bruce Rogers at the Riverside Press, 1896-1912

Kelly, Jerry

Boston: The Club of Odd Volumes, 2008.

Humane Letters: Bruce Rogers, Designer of Books

Landon, Richard

Toronto: Thomas Fisher Rare Books Library (University of Toronto), 2007.

BR Today: A Selection of His Books, With Comments.

Lerner, Abe., ed.

New York: The Grolier Club, 1982.

Bruce Rogers: American Typographer

Mansbridge, Georgia

New York: The Typophiles, 2007.

Fra Luca de Pacioli

Pacioli, Luda de.
Stanley Morison.

New York: Grolier Club, 1933 Designed by Bruce Rogers.

The Trained Printer and the Amateur

Pollard, Alfred W.

Specimen of the Centaur Types, designed by Bruce Rogers.

London: Lanston Monotype Corp., 1929.

The Centaur Types

Rogers, Bruce

Chicago: October House, 1949 (original 1949 letterpressed pages bound and released by Purdue University Press).

Paragraphs on Printing: Elicited from Bruce Rogers in Talks with James Hendrickson on the Functions of the Book Designer

Rogers, Bruce

New York: William E. Rudge's Sons, 1943.

Pi a Hodge Podge of the Letters, Papers, and Addresses Written During the Last 60 Years (& prospectus)

Rogers, Bruce

New York: The World Publishing Company, 1953.

Champ Fleury

Tory, Geoffrey.

New York: Grolier Club, 1927. Designed by Bruce Rogers.

Bruce Rogers: Designer of Books

Warde, Frederic

Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1925.