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Stanley Morison

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The Writings of Stanley Morison: A Handlist

Appleton, Tony.

Brighton: [privately printed], 1976.

Stanley Morison

Barker, Nicolas

Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1972.

Stanley Morison: A Portrait

Barr, John.

London: British Museum, 1971.

A Handlist of the Writings of Stanley Morison

Carter, John

Cambridge: Privately printed at the Cambridge University Press, 1950.

Two Men: Walter Lewis and Stanley Morison at Cambridge

Crutchley, Brooke.

Cambridge: Privately printed at the Cambridge University Press, 1968. In slipcase.

Type Specimen Facsimiles Reproductions Of Fifteen Type Specimen Sheets Issued Between The Sixteenth And Eighteenth Centuries

Dreyfus, John, ed. Includes Stanley Morison's essay "On the Classification of Typographical Variations."

Lonson: Bowes & Bowes Putnam, 1963.

Stanley Morison & D.B. Updike: Selected Correspondence

McKitterick, David, ed.

New York: The Moretus Press, 1979.

Calligraphy: 1535-1853

Marzoli, Carla
Introduction by Stanley Morison.

Milan: La Bibliofila, 1962.

Stanley Morison: His Typographic Achievement

Moran, James

London: Lund Humphries, 1971.

Andres Brun: Calligrapher of Saragossa, Some Account Of His Life And Work.

Morison, Stanley & Henry Thomas.

Paris & New York: Pegasus Press, 1925.

A Brief Survey of Printing History and Practice

Morison, Stanley and Holbrook Jackson.

New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1923.

The Calligraphic Models of Ludovico degli Arrighi surnamed Vicentino.

Morison, Stanley.

Paris: Officina Bodoni; privately printed for Frederic Warde, 1926.

Early Italian Writing-Books: Renaissance to Baroque

Morison, Stanley.
Ed. Nicolas Barker.

London: The British Library, 1990.

The Fell Types.

(Morison, Stanley.)

Oxford University Press, 1950.

First Principles of Typography.

Morison, Stanley.

New York: The MacMillan Company, 1936.

First Principles of Typography

Morison, Stanley.

Balkema, 1946.

Grondbeginselen van de Typografie (First Principles of Typography)

Morison, Stanley.
Dutch trans. Jan van Krimpen.

Utrecht: Uitgeversmaatschappij W. de Haan N.V.1951.

First Principles of Typography.

Morison, Stanley.

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1967.

John Fell, the University Press and the "Fell" Types.

Morison, Stanley.

Oxford: Clarendon Press 1967.

Fra Luca de Pacioli

Pacioli, Luda de.
Stanley Morison.

New York: Grolier Club, 1933.

On Type Designs Past and Present

Morison, Stanley.

London: Ernest Benn, 1962.

Selected Essays on the History of Letter-Forms in Manuscript and Print

Morison, Stanley

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1981. 2 vols. in slipcase.

Talbot Baines Reed

Morison, Stanley

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1960.

A Tally of Types

Morison, Stanley

Boston: David R. Godine, 1999 (1973).

A Tally of Types

Morison, Stanley

London: Cambridge University Press, 1973.

Type Designs of the Past and Present

Morison, Stanley

London: The Fleuron, 1926.

The Typographic Arts: Two Lectures

Morison, Stanley.

Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1950.

The Typographic Book: 1450-1935 - A Study of Fine Typography Through Five Centuries

Morison, Stanley
& Kenneth Day.

Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1963.

Letter Forms: Typographic and Scriptorial: Two Essays on Their Classification, History and Bibliography

Morison, Stanley

New York: The Typophiles, 1968.

Politics and Script

Morison, Stanley

Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2000.

Stanley Morison & 'John Fell'

Ould, Martin.

Bath: Old School Press, 2003.