Kinship & Light: the Wyeth Poems

Samantha Sternberg

Inspired by the American realist painter Andrew Wyeth’s work (1917-2009), these ekphrastic poems vary in the ways they translate his images into words - some referencing the act of creation, others casting stories out of subtle colours and small details made large. Sternberg stretches the frame of Wyeth’s work, imagining genealogies through sharp language and compelling twists of poetic logic.


Samantha Sternberg is a poet and librarian. Her work has appeared in The Malahat Review, Prairie Fire, The Mackinac, The City Series #5 - Halifax (Frog Hollow Press), and elsewhere. Born in Ontario, she grew up in British Columbia, and now lives in K'jipuktuk (Halifax, Nova Scotia).



6.5" × 11", 28pp. 50 copies.
ISBN: 978-1-894744-39-3

Out of Print

Alcuin Society Book Design Award Winner


Hand-set in Monotype Deepdene, cast on the late, great Jim Rimmer’s Super Caster two summers ago before the nightmare of moving and building the new house & shop. The type has finally been printed on a Vandercook 15-21 into Khadi handmade white rag, in a wrapper of cotton rag also from Khadi, during the early months of 2018 (in the new shop, while the house is still getting put together). The binding was executed by Alanna Simenson in Sooke, BC.